Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages -- 02/24/2017.Wenzao Comes Out on Top Again Nationwide for World Vision and Foreign Language Proficiency
02/24/2017.Wenzao Comes Out on Top Again Nationwide for World Vision and Foreign Language Proficiency

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Students from Wenzao’s sister schools enjoying a Chinese language camp held by the university.



February 24, 2017

 【News release: Public Relations Office】
     Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages has once again received a resounding recognition from Taiwan’s commercial enterprises. The results of a survey into the “Most Sought-After Students by Taiwanese Enterprises in 2017” by Cheers magazine show that Wenzao has continued its run of being the most outstanding vocational education institution in Taiwan. Wenzao came top of the rankings for the eighth year in a row in the “World Vision and Foreign Language Proficiency” category, and also came second in southern Taiwan for the “Most Outstanding Private University with Taiwanese Enterprises.” The results of this survey exemplify how Wenzao’s focus on cultivating graduates with excellent language skills and a holistic view of themselves is paying dividends through high levels of recognition from those outside of the university.
     Cheers magazine’s in-depth survey of the two thousand largest enterprises in Taiwan was carried out last year, with Wenzao once again coming in ahead of many national vocational universities. This included beating Taiwan Tech, Taipei Tech, and Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences in the highly regarded “World Vision and Foreign Language Proficiency” category, while also being the only private vocational university in the top five. In addition to this, Wenzao also broke into the top 15 of the “Most Outstanding Private University” ranking, and came second in southern Taiwan for the “Most Outstanding Private Vocational Institution.”
     In the survey’s evaluation of a university’s “Ability to Engage in International Exchange”, Wenzao not only squeezed into the top ten for the “Number of Exchange Students Studying Abroad”, it was also the number one university in southern Taiwan in this category. This means that Wenzao easily outshone other national universities such as Chiao Tung and Cheng Kung universities. Further proof of these enterprises’ recognition of Wenzao’s success in becoming a more international institution came in the “Ability to Attract International Exchange Students” category. This indicator placed Wenzao in the top 20 throughout Taiwan, and third out of all the vocational institutions found in southern Taiwan.
     Wenzao places a strong emphasis on international collaboration and exchange and now has 236 sister schools in 35 countries across the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and Oceania. The university’s approach to this international exchange is built on working hard to establish practical and long-term relationships. Wenzao engages in a diverse range of international exchange activities which allow its students and teachers to broaden their international outlook while also obtaining a thorough understanding of the cultures found in other countries. Such opportunities include participating in student and teacher exchange programs, holding international academic conferences, inviting visiting professors to the university, hosting exchange student programs, offering short-term courses, as well as providing overseas internships and a variety of volunteering opportunities. Wenzao is also home to a Chinese Language Center which attracts people from around the world to study Chinese and obtain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. The center not only welcomes educational Chinese-language tours from all countries, but is also the only training institution in Taiwan to have been appointed by the U.S. Department of State and iEARN-Taiwan for five years running.



 Wenzao student Huai-Zhe Lu, who is studying at Wenzao's Department of English, promoting Taiwanese culture while representing Taiwan

at the German Language Olympics. 

President Shieu-ming Chou (center) leading a delegation to Australia

to join the annual ASEACCU conference as part of the university’s

push to engage in overseas exchange.



Vice President Li-Yen Chen (third left) leading a delegation on a visit to Kanagawa University in Yokohama, Japan. 

Students from the Department of Communication Arts undertaking

 an internship at a media organization in Tianjin, China.



Wenzao students proudly showing their certificates of completion after finishing a short-term English course in Australia. 

International students enjoying themselves as they learn how to make tangyuan.