04/30/2017.Wenzao Honorably Receives the Secretary of the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See to the ROC for an Advanced Training in English

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    Attaché of the Apostolic Nunciature to the ROC Reverend Father Giuseppe Silvestrini (middle) attends an

English language learning program at Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages and is hospitably received.
(From left to right) Director of UEC Hsuehliang Wang; Vice President for Administrative Affairs Li-Yen Chen, Ph.D.; 

President Shieu-ming Chou, D.S.N.; Dean of Academic Affairs. Peter Y. T. Lin, Ph.D.
Photo courtesy of the Office of the President



April 30, 2017

【News release:Public Relations Office】               
  The outstanding English learning environment of Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages had the honor to have among his students the Secretary of the Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See to the ROC, Reverend Father Giuseppe Silvestrini (Fr. Silvestrini), to study here.
  Fr. Silvestrini, 35 years old, came from Italy. He arrived in Taiwan in August 2016, and needed to improve his English. He chose to study English at Wenzao because Monsignor Slađan Ćosić, Charge` d`Affairs a.i. of the Apostolic Nunciature, had once told him that Wenzao is the best place to learn foreign languages in Taiwan. Further, he came to Wenzao for an advanced training in English conversation this February. During his one-month stay at Wenzao, he did not only study English, but also learned about the culture in southern Taiwan. Fr. Silvestrini said that it was wonderful for him to be a student again, and he encouraged young people to study hard to enhance their competitiveness.
  During his study at Wenzao, he stayed in the guest house for visiting scholars, and the University arranged conversation classes for him with Associate Professor Tun-Whei Chuo of the English Department and Sr. Ellen Mary Mylod, who is Wenzao's emeritus professor. Every Friday, he attended Professor Wen-Chuan Lin’s “Cross-cultural Communication” class conducted for the senior students of the Department of Translation and Interpreting.
  He was truly grateful for the hospitality he received from President Shieu-ming Chou and everyone at Wenzao. He did feel at home the first day he came to Wenzao. He also pointed out that he was very fortunate to learn from these remarkable English teachers and he was happy to meet so many students here.
  Fr. Silvestrini was born in Carini, small city close to Palermo (Sicily). He grew up in a Catholic family. After working in a parish in a mountain area in central Italy for five years, his bishop asked him if he was interested in training to become a diplomat. Fr. Silvestrini felt that it was a great opportunity for him to serve the Pope, so he went to Rome to receive diplomatic training. During these two years of diplomatic training, he also finished his dissertation and received his doctoral degree in Canon Law last May. The topic of his doctoral thesis is “The Holy See and The Committee UN on The Rights of the Child”.
  He received his first mandate last July for his mission in Taiwan and one month later he made his first trip to Asia and arrived in Taiwan. Fr. Silvestrini said that he had been a priest for seven years, and that he now also assumes the office of a diplomat. As a priest in the diplomatic service, he works as a bridge between the Catholic Church in Taiwan and the Holy See. He truly loves his mission, because he has the opportunity to trip around the world learning many things about other countries and other cultures. Fr. Silvestrini hopes that he will have more opportunities to visit different places in Taiwan to get to know better our country because he enjoys the living environment and culture in Taiwan, especially the convenient public transportation system and the delicious food.