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I. The Library image

The LibraryThe Wenzao Library is housed in an eight storey building with an underground floor. On the campus, it is a preferred place for faculty and students and widely praised by visitors. The Library is made unique by the variety of its collections, advanced information technology equipment, warm and comfortable reading environment and a comprehensive bilingual website.


The LibrarySince the University was founded in 1966, the library collection now numbers over 330,000 volumes in six languages such as Chinese, Japanese, English, French, German, and Spanish. It's worth mentioning that the Library has taken the lead in national technical universities in terms of the quantity of foreign language monographs and multimedia collections. In addition, the Library maintains a well-balanced collection of Chinese and other foreign language materials, which is rare to see. Because of sufficient annual budget provided by the University, collections of the library continue to grow. For instance, the acquisition of electronic resources increases and now more than170 electronic databases, more than 40,000 e-journals, and 400,000 volumes of e-books are accessible 24/7 for users.



II. Learning Resource Centers

Learning Resources CenterEach department building has its own Learning Resource Center,installed with state-of-the-art video and audio equipment, satellite, and computer networks. In addition, language learning materials, books, magazines, and newspapers are provided as supplementary materials for teachers and students to maintain learning effectiveness and to satisfy individual needs.



III. E-classrooms

E-ClassroomsA variety of professional classrooms provide a superb environment for teaching and learning. There are four multimedia classrooms, five multifunctional language labs, one professional speech and performing arts center with its own classroom, one multi-language interpretation classroom and training center, one digital communication lab, one Children English education lab, and other professional classrooms. Also, every classroom on campus is equipped with a video player, a DVD player, and digital televisions. Inside the newly-built Teaching Building, each classroom is equipped not only with a projector but also a multifunctional information platform that integrates technological media. Moreover, the EU Campus of Trade, Culture, and Tourism is unique in its facilities. To meet the needs of teaching and learning in this era of information, a broadband Internet audio-video system has been installed on campus. Together with easy access to a wireless Internet system and on-line campus, learning is made possible anytime and anywhere.



IV. The EU Campus

EU CenterIn view of the increasing importance of the European Union in the international political and economic arenas, Wenzao established the "EU Campus of Trade, Culture and Tourism" ("EU Campus") in Academic Year 2004-05. Its aims are to integrate our rich teaching resources in French-, German-, and Spanish-language education, and cultivate personnel proficient in European languages and professional expertise, while opening a window to Europe for the general public.


EU CenterFacilities on this campus include the Resource Center for European Tourism and the Cultural Guide that provides abundant information on tourism and culture and an interactive digital map. There are also the Advisory Center for Studies in Europe; A Passage to European Cultures, which is a gallery exhibiting sculptures, paintings and other artwork on a regular basis; a Multi-functional Briefing Center that regularly offers lectures or seminars on European Union related issues; and the Information Center for European Economy and Trade.



V. Language Diagnostic and Consulting Center (LDCC)

Language Diagnostic and Consulting Center (LDCC)This center employs experienced language teachers as Dr. E-Learnings to diagnose students' language learning styles and strategies, and then produce a doctor's prescription of a tailor-made study plan to meet individual needs. The LDCC also keeps an individual digital portfolio to record the students' learning progress for future modification.



VI. English Teaching / Learning Resources Center in Southern Taiwan

Learning Resources Center in Southern TaiwanThis center was commissioned by the ROC Ministry of Education in 2005, in the hope of upgrading the quality of English teaching among the colleges in southern Taiwan. Wenzao college with its rich experience in English teaching and research hosts this center.



VII. International Conference Center

International Conference CenterThis center occupies the 13th floor to the 16th floor of Zhishan Hall. It includes reception desk, press room, exhibition area and 9 seminar rooms. The 15th floor features The Cardinal Shan International Conference Hall, which can accommodate 200 persons and is equipped with five interpreting booths and the newest interpreting facilities to meet the possibility of interpreting in 5 languages simultaneously.