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I. Clubs and Extracurricular Activities


In total, there are now 31 student associations and 62 student clubs at Wenzao. The student clubs are basically divided into 5 categories: academic, skill, service/synthesis, PE/entertainment, and others. Wenzao student clubs have received awards year after year from the Work Committee of the Evaluation of National College Clubs. The notable achievements of the Torch-Light Club, Volunter Support Group, and Tzuchi Teenager Association of Wenzao Club are highly esteemed for promoting social services. In addition, numerous events are being held each year, for teachers and students to demonstrate the results of their learning. Scores of activities take place, including graduation performances, designated topic speeches, speech contests, seminars, themed exhibitions, dancing, and food tasting. The teachers and students in Wenzao all have opportunities to demonstrate not only creativity and talent, but also to create closer bonds with the local community.


II. Internship and Employment Counseling


Foreign students may practice and apply what they have learned at school through many opportunities for on-campus and off-campus internships. In addition, Wenzao cooperates in organizing an annual employment exhibition with the National Youth Commission every March or April to help graduates search for job openings. We also arrange a variety of activities including résumé writing, techniques for interviews, analyses of the trends in the workforce, and on-site job openings. All these services to actively help both the enterprises and our students reach a win-win working relationship.


III. Student Health Care & Accident Insurance


Once foreign students register in Wenzao, they may benefit from the insurance coverage of Wenzao Student Group that offers insurance fees related to the accidental medical costs of injuries, outpatients, and inpatients. Furthermore,  according to the requirement of our Government, foreign students have to provide a record of health insurance of their own country, or they may choose to pay an extra fee (about NT$500 per month) to benefit from the insurance program chosen by Wenzao, hosted by Cathay Life Insurance. For degree students staying more than 6 consective monthes in taiwan, they will be diverted to Taiwan's National Health Insurance system, which may cover more medical items. However, these students must not depart from Taiwan for more than 30 days in the first 6 monthes, stipulated by the National Health Insurance.


Campus LifeCampus LifeCampus Life